A Note from Lady Caroline

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! Since our launch on October 26, 2019, we have reach all 50 states and 3 continents! Thank you for your unbelievable support!

My team and I have worked for 3 years to bring you the very best skincare line with lots of new products to come out soon!

What makes this line of skin care different than others? 2 things in particular:

1. The Ingredients:
We have put together some of the finest and purest ingredients in combinations that have never been seen before. We believe real beauty is made cruelty free, with NO parabens, gluten, sulfates, phthalates, or synthetic colors or dyes.

2. Our Mission:
Beautiful skin without harsh chemical ingredients while supporting causes that we are passionate about. When you check out, you will have a chance to choose one of my favorite charities. A generous portion of your purchase will go to that charity. Together, we will help others all over the world!

I would love to hear from you on my Instagram or any of my other social media. I promise to stay in touch and let you know about our progress. Thanks again for being a part of this incredible time in Lady Caroline Cosmetics! Your support means so much to me!

Lady Caroline Wiley

@ladycarolinecosmetics | @ladycarolinewiley

About Us

"Skincare On A Mission."

Lady Caroline Cosmetics started in 2016 by Lady Caroline Wiley. This young girl with a passion for skincare and all things beauty, began formulating her own topical formulas. Her skincare approach seemed different as she used fresh botanicals and fruit enzymes for her own personal use. Then, after trying multiple eye lash serums to promote growth and thickness, she began researching and developing her own formula. After months of trial and error, she began to notice that her eyelashes were full and LONG and her skin was clear and glowing!

It took some convincing, but her parents knew her passion was real. So, instead of investing in sports she didn't enjoy or other types of activities, Lady Caroline was given a full tour of a beauty laboratory. She began meeting with chemists and product developers. As time went on, she was finally satisfied with the formulations and that was it! The line was created. The designs were done. The work was just beginning.

And, as of October 26, 2019, the company is open for business!

Remember a generous portion of all sales will go to one of Lady Caroline’s favorite charities. See Our Charities page or the list at checkout for more information.

Lady Caroline and her entire team appreciates you visiting the website, making a purchase, and most of all supporting Lady Caroline Cosmetics - “Skincare On A Mission!”

For more information or to schedule an event with Lady Caroline Cosmetics please contact us at Marketing@LadyCarolineCosmetics.com.